Why make an Android Security App? Because our own personal data was being snooped and exploited.

Who doesn't love the convenience of smartphones and tablets? Mobile devices grant immediate access to a host of applications and information. The problem is who ELSE has access to your information. The Terms and Conditions of many apps open the door for your information to be shared and sold. Protect yourself.

Instead of abusing your trust by making this app free and making money through some back door, Nuvolect LLC is upfront about its revenue. This app is 100% supported by your grants and donations, thank you for your support.

SecureSuite, A Secure Contacts and Password App for Android. It's an Android encryption App and web server that you carry around in your pocket.

Your contacts, passwords and files are encrypted on physical devices that you control. Contrast this with The Cloud. Anything you put out in the cloud is at risk. You don't know where it is, what computer it is on or who has access to it.

SecureSuite is an Android Security App
+ It uses a military grade encryption including YubiKey NEO, SqlCipher and TLS 1.2.
+ It is built using Fragments. This means it looks great on large phones, small phones and tablets.
+ Want eye-pleasing skins? There are 4 themes to choose from.
+ Do you share contacts with your colleagues? SecureSuite generates industry-standard vCards.
+ Are you a contact hound that uses accounts, groups, group emails and group SMS text? You will feel right at home.
SecureSuite is has a web server hosted on your Android phone
+ It is HTML 5 compliant, runs in all the latest web browsers.
+ It uses TLS 1.2 HTTPS encrypted communications.
+ No data ever goes over the Internet. It only runs on your WiFi LAN.
SecureSuite is a Password Manager
+ Need a random password? Generate one with the password generator!
+ It is easy to save passwords for specific web pages or android apps.
+ We recommend long and complicated passwords that can't be guessed.
+ Passwords can be accessed from the SecureSuite Android app and from it's embedded web browser.
+ Your passwords are encrypted and never sent over the Internet.
SecureSuite backs up your data
+ Do you have a second smartphone or tablet? Perfect. This device will host your backups.
+ SecureSuite keeps a mirror of all contacts and passwords on a second device. This way you always have a backup.
+ Changes made on either device are updated on the other.
+ Want more backups? Send an encrypted backup to your SD card, Dropbox, Google Drive or email.

SecureSuite is Android Hosted Web Server, Not an Internet web server but a WiFi web server you host from your Android smartphone.

SecureSuite has an embedded web server that serves the SecureSuite web app over your local area WiFi network. Launch the Android app, go to Menu: Settings and copy the IP address (just touch to copy). Paste this into your PC web browser and your contacts and passwords are right there on the big screen, presented with https security.

You are always backed up.

Install SecureSuite on a second Android device such as a Tablet or an old phone, and SecureSuite will maintain a mirror backup on the second device. If your phone is ever broken, lost or stolen, you always have a backup.

SecureSuite System Graphic

We made SecureSuite because... we had our own personal privacy violated, and the violation was embedded in the terms and conditions we had agreed to!

Disk space is cheap and there is every incentive for illicit individuals and organizations to archive your personal information for purposes unknown. Apps like SecureSuite and CounterCloud allow you to protect your private information, and see exactly what you are exposing in your Google cloud. This app is 100% supported by your grants and donations, thank you for your support.